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Agsil16H Potassium Silicate

Product Description

AGSIL16H is manufactured by PQ corporation and is one of the few silica products on the market that is water soluble. This simple powder will save money over buying water based Silica Bottle products. This is approved for organic use as a foliar spray and is an excellent oil emulsifier.

See the MSDS report here: AGSIL16H MSDS PDF

Research on the subject: (Much more info if you follow the link)

Silica - The Hidden Cost of Chemicals

A major mineral is missing in many soils and most soil tests do not even monitor its presence. This mineral can increase stress resistance, boost photosynthesis and chlorophyll content, improve drought resistance, salt tolerance and soil fertility and prevent lodging. lt can also reduce insect pressure, frost damage and destructive disease while lowering irrigation rates, neutralizing heavy metal toxicity and countering the negative effects of excess sodium. 

Proactivity is the essence of the biological approach. If you understand how plants protect themselves, then you provide the necessary components to maximise that process and minimize the need for chemical intervention. In this context, silicon is an essential pre-requisite for proactive pest and stress management and should be an integral part of every good nutrition program.

How To Use:

Dry Recipe

Use 1.5 Grams (Just under 1/2 teaspoon) Per Gallon of Water for Foliar Spray or Soil Drench.

How to use this powder dry with your Neem Oil: Mix 1.5 grams (Just under 1/2 Teaspoon) AgSil 16H with 1/2 Ounce Ahimsa Pure Neem Oil to emulsify the oil. Then mix this emulsified oil with one gallon final volume spray solution. Spray every other week covering all plant surfaces (top and bottom of leaves) until it runs off.

Liquid Recipe

Make your own nutrient bottle! Here is a recipe to make a liquid version of a Silica Nutrient.

Just follow the mixing recipe below.


If you don't have a scale: Use 3 Tablespoons of Agsil16H for every 8 ounces water.

Following the above recipe to make 1 Liter of Liquid Solution you would mix 148 Grams of Agsil16H into 1 Liter of water. Then you can store it in a bottle or jar and shake well before using. (1 Liter of water is about 34 Ounces)


Use the Liquid Solution you just made at 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon per gallon. Yes, it's safe to use on every single watering, but BuildASoil doesn't do that because they don't feel it's required with ANY ingredient. Some people use Aloe and Silica with every watering and we have seen stunning results. 

Use 1/2 teaspoon of the solution per gallon to foliar spray.

(I've used 2-3 Teaspoons per gallon without ill effects, but encourage you to start slow and see what you think)

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