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Premium-grade Australian charcoal to replenish refillable carbon filters in compact and medium-sized grow spaces. The RC412 charcoal significantly improves odor and chemical suppression through its expanded internal surface area and increased porosity. Its greater adsorption rate enables larger quantities of contaminants to be trapped for enhanced ventilation. The charcoal’s 1200 +IAV rating supports air quality refinement by promoting a longer lifespan, extending the time between refills. Their charcoal pieces are smaller in size, tested to have the same odor-blocking efficacy as factory-built carbon filters without requiring active compression.


  • Premium charcoal granules intended to refill carbon filters and efficiently scrub air in grow spaces.
  • Actively improves air quality and promotes cleaner ventilation by blocking out odors and chemicals.
  • Increased porosity of granular surface adsorbs greater amounts of unwanted substances than pellets.
  • RC412 Virgin charcoal sourced from Australia features a 1200+ IAV rating for an extended lifespan.
  • Refills 6” carbon filters 1+ times and 4” filters 2+ times for enhanced and extended sustainability.

AC Infinity Activated Carbon Refill, 8lb

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