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Every plant needs certain compounds for growth beyond soil, light, water, and CO2. Athena’s Aminas provides a readily available amino acid source of nitrogen to optimize protein production and allow for maximum growth rates.  By adding an amino acid source of nitrogen, you enable your plants to build proteins as quickly as they are able. When using Athena’s Aminas, you can expect to see faster, healthier growth, resulting in bigger, more vigorous plants.


Directions for Use
Shake well before use.

Soil Drench & Hydroponics: During vegetative growth, mix 1/2-1 oz. per gallon of water every time you feed. During bloom phase, mix 1 oz. per gallon of water every time you feed. EC of nutrient solution should not exceed 1500 ppm.

Guaranteed Analysis
Total Nitrogen (N).......0.5%
Water Soluble Nitrogen.......0.5%

Derived from: Protein hydrolysate

Nectar for the Gods Athena Aminas Gallon

SKU: 0812863010146
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