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ZinfanTail Dog Wine The ultimate pawty for your dog. ZinfanTail Dog Wine is a pink faux vintage designed to bedazzle your dog with irresistible taste. Simply pour chilled into a cup of your choice and serve to simulate a classy wine vintage for your dog.

What's inside ZinfanTail? ZinfanTail is small batch brewed with filtered water and 100% Alaskan fish oil that is ethically sourced and infused with glucosamine to produce an aromatic supplement that is bottled with love in sunny Arizona, USA. What are the ingredients?

A proprietary blend of filtered water, alaskan fish oil, beet red color, glucosamine HCL and potassium sorbate (a non toxic preservative) Proudly bottled in the USA with only fresh ingredients. MADE IN ARIZONA

Dog Wine Zinfantail

SKU: 0037171697203
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