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Kashi Blend Bloom 2lb

Kashi Blend Bloom 2lb


Kashi Bloom is a specialized blend of Bokashi designed to enhance flowering by intelligently releasing nutrients through probiotics. The Growing Organic company has specially formulated this recipe to have more phosphorus than our original recipe, Kashi Blend.

Then they went a step further and inoculated the bio-char in the recipe with Rootwise Bio Phos for increased diversity and phosphorus solubility.

Kashi Bloom is made from organic rice bran, organic quinoa flour, minerals, multiple species of lactic acid bacteria, molasses and bio char inoculated with pure protein dry and Rootwise Bio Phos. This recipe has a higher phosphorus percentage than our original recipe and is made for use during fruiting/flowering.

Heady Tie Dye Bag is 100% Organic Cotton and totally re-usable which makes it a FIRE addition to the Kashi Bloom. These bags are tie dyed locally supporting 2 awesome business's at the same time and making the packaging an epic keeper after use. 

COMPOST ACCELERATOR: Growing Organic’s Kashi Bloom helps you compost your food scraps, including meat and dairy, faster than standard composting methods. By the end, you can amend your soil with nutrient-rich bokashi compost.

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