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AC Infinity Net Cup 2 inch

AC Infinity Net Cup 2 inch

  • Net pots for hydroponics designed to secure plants and ensure nutrient and water flow to their roots.
  • Made of UV-resistant, BPA-free plastic that is safe to grow plants in while enduring continuous use.
  • Ribbed interior improves water and nutrient intake by guiding plant roots toward slotted openings.
  • Wide lips fit in circular surfaces like mason jars and trays in nutrient film technique applications.
  • 2-inch net cups fit with soil-based and hydroponic media like clay pebbles, pumice, and rock wool.



A set of net pots for hydroponics designed to anchor plants and improve growth by ensuring water and nutrient delivery to their roots. Each net cup is food-grade safe, made up of UV-resistant BPA-free plastic that can withstand wear and tear use. The ribbed interior surfaces help to improve water and nutrient intake by guiding plant roots toward the slotted opening. These mesh openings around the net cup allow roots to grow through to promote even drainage and stronger root structures. This plastic build extends down to create a lower shield that keeps light out and protects your plants from root rotting.



Widely used by small-scale agricultural growers, these net pots are the ideal plant vessel in hydroponic, aquaponic, and aeroponic settings. Its wide rim and raised bottom can fit many lipped surfaces like NFT rafts while supporting self-standing applications. They are capable of being used with many soil-based and grow mediums such as clay pebbles, pumice, lava rock, and rock wool.

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