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Product Description

Enhance your soil's performance with BuildASoil's premium-grade Bio Char, a revolutionary product designed to improve soil health, water retention, and plant growth. 

Pre-Charged Bio Char is our all-in-one solution, pre-soaked in an enriching mix of Ferti Nitro soy aminos and Rootwise microbe complete. This blend of soy aminos and Rootwise Mycrobe complete helps charge sponge like char so that it gives back to your soil. The Pre-Charged Bio Char not only enhances nutrient uptake but also optimizes the microbial life in your soil.

Bio Char can help improve soil structure and fertility, boost nutrient absorption, and optimize root development. They are designed to support sustainable gardening practices and contribute to better yields and healthier plants.

Note: Bio Char is safe to use with all types of plants and in all types of soils, but it's always a good idea to conduct a soil test before incorporating new amendments. Also, google terra preta and the history of bio char it's fascinating!

The Pre-Charged Char is soaked in a mixture of Ferti Nitro soy aminos at a rate of 1/2lb per yard and rootwise microbe complete at 1oz per yard.

How To Use:

Recommended at 2-5% of your Organic Potting Soil mix. 

Excellent for No-Till.

Article on the beetle problem. We use this beetle kill wood to make the Bio-Char.

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