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BuildASoil Potting Soil Version 3.0

Product Description

BuildASoil's heaviest amended soil recipe was designed with the Water Only grower in mind.

Based on Logan Labs soil testing they designed a soil with more everything. This 3.0 Recipe is their richest soil and is still be balanced enough for most all plants. The goal was a compost based soil without any dirty ingredients that would last longer and push harder. If you are used to Super Soil this will perform as you would expect. This potting soil mix has been the favorite for customers that want everything already in the soil when they open the bag. Compared to BuildASoil's other potting soil recipes this one is a loaded up potting mix. Excellent for flowering and full term growth.

YOUR SOIL IS ALIVE!! LIVING SOIL DISCLAIMER: BuildASoil DOES NOT sterilize any of the compost or Potting soils during the manufacturing process and as a result it will contain a plethora of life which is the ultimate goal! Your plants will love it.  

Potting Soil Ingredients:

Oly Mountain Fish CompostBuildASoil Worm Castings, BuildASoil BIG 6 Trace Minerals with Humic Acid, Organic Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, Organic New Mexico Pumice, Organic Par-Boiled Rice Hulls, Grand Mesa Colorado Volcanic Basalt, Organic Diamond K Gypsum, High P Organic Rice Bran, Montana Grow, Organic Thorvin Icelandic Kelp Meal, Organic Mustard Seed Meal, Organic 2 Row Milled Malted Barley, Organic Alfalfa Meal, BuildASoil Pre Charged Bio-char with Rootwise Mycrobe Complete

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