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Clover Cover Crop Blend
12 Seed BuildASoil Mix 60% Clover

Product Description

BuildASoil has been tweaking this recipe over the years and is finally nailed it! 

Perfect for Raised beds or Container plants.

Almost 60% Clover Seed from 4 types of clover. 

Designed To Encourage Mycorrhizal Fungi Populations

Small seeds work excellent in containers.

Made In The U.S.A.

Save money when compared to ordering small seeds packs of several types.

Stimulate Soil Biological Activity

Cycle Nutrients More Effectively

Create a No-Till Living Organic Soil utilizing all Natural Non-GMO cover crop seeds.

Create a living mulch.

  1. Flax - Carter

  2. Clover - Yellow Sweet 

  3. Clover - White Dutch

  4. Clover - Medium Red

  5. Clover - Crimson

  6. Lentils - Indianhead

  7. Millet - White Proso

  8. Vetch - Hairy

  9. Vetch - Common

  10. Cowpeas - Red Ripper

  11. Buckwheat - Mancan

  12. Pea - Forage

How to Use:

Use about 6 Grams or 1/2 Tablespoon of Cover Crop Seeds for every square foot of soil surface area.

A 5 Gallon Home Depot bucket is 13" in Diameter and just under 1 Square foot. 

So if you have 5-10 Gallon containers a 3lb Bag will work for about 150 Individual Containers. 

If you are broadcasting on open land each pound will cover about 900 Square Feet. 

That means that a 2 pound bag would also cover over 55 (8'x4') Raised Beds.

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