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Clackamas Coots Official Gnarly Barley
Artisan Sprouted Seed Blend


Product Description


Gnarly Barley will help you grow the best plants of your life. 

Problem: How to keep nutrients available to fast growing plants in living soil?

Solution: Freshly ground Gnarly Barley!

Gnarly Barley from is not just a soil amendment, it's a game changer for your plants. Not only does the sprouting of these specialty seeds increase nutrient availability, like it does in human health, but it also provides essential enzymes and food to the soil food web.

The soil biology and nutrient flow are intricately connected, and Gnarly Barley provides the ideal balance of seed-based nutrition and enzymes to maximize your plants growth and health. Whether you're building artisanal potting soil from scratch or top dressing throughout the organic grow cycle, Gnarly Barley is a must-have ingredient.

Don't settle for mediocre results in your garden, upgrade to Gnarly Barley and watch your plants thrive!

Gnarly Barley was invented by the world-famous Clackamas Coot. The original method of this tech was called SST or sprouted seed tea and involved sprouting seeds at home. However, after years of research, it's clear that Gnarly Barley is even better than sprouted seed tea. The product combines the benefits of sprouting with a convenient, pre-sprouted formula that provides seed-based nutrition and enzymes to the soil food web. Whether you're an experienced gardener or just starting out, Gnarly Barley is the solution to growing healthy, thriving plants in soil.

So why settle for sprouted seed tea when you can have Gnarly Barley, the ultimate soil amendment invented by the World-Famous Clackamas Coot!

Clackamas Coots Gnarly Barley
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