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Fermented Plant Extracts:
Liquid Pumpkin Extract

Product Description

This pumpkin extract is made with love on a small farm in Paonia Colorado using natural probiotic farming practices.

Note: The Fermented Liquid Pumpkin Extract is a seasonal product. 

Derived From: Probiotically Grown Pumpkins, Clean Mountain Water, EM-1, Home Made LABS (LactoBacillus Serum), Super Cera Powder, and Molasses. This is then fermented until the pumpkin is digested and extracted into the liquid and the molasses consumed by the microbes to lock in the PH for stability and ease of use in the garden.

Why Use?

This particular fermented plant extract is made from pumpkins along with the whole plant, and all the information we have about fermenting your own extracts suggests that you should start with the part of the plant that you wish to grow. For instance, if you wish to get faster vegetative growth you would ferment fast growing green leaves to feed to your plants. However, if you wished to grow bigger flowers, you should ferment flowers to feed to your plants. It is with this idea, they fermented pumpkin plants and flowers to be used as an all natural bloom booster for your garden.

How to Use:

Watering Plants: 1-3 ounces per gallon of clean water.

Foliar Spray: 1 ounce per gallon

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