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Jay Plantspeaker's Quillaja Saponaria Extract Powder 20

Product description

BuildASoil is proud to partner with Jay Plantspeaker to offer Quillaja Extract.

>=20% Saponin (Most Raw With sugars and Polyphenols)

Latest Batch from July 2023 is testing at 40% Saponin

You'll be happy to know it is crafted from tested food grade materials. This means that is has passed strict testing for Saponin, Heavy Metals, Pathogens and any adulterant. BuildASoil is proud to offer you the original and the best. 

Warning: Saponins May be harmful to fish. Please use with caution.

Jay Plantspeaker and BuildASoil have worked with our their favorite supplier to offer our most natural version. When the quillaja tree bark is processed for it's saponin it goes through a process that will create a 20% saponin extract with the LEAST amount of processing. This makes the Quillaja 20 the least processed and most natural version.

Latest Batch from July 2023 is testing at 40% Saponin

Using saponins found in Quillaja Extract Powder for your garden is an absolute game changer. This natural wetting agent makes water 'wetter' and foamy allowing for even spread. Made from the organic Quillaja (Q-Ya-Ha) Saponaria Tree, we can't speak highly enough of this plant extracted source of Saponins.

How To Use: 

1/8-1/2 teaspoon per gallon water- Soil Drench/Foliar Spray

1/8-1/2 cup per 50 gallons water - Soil Drench/Foliar Spray

Mix with your favorite products to help them mix and apply better via root drench or foliar spray. Safe to use in every watering.

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