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Kashi Blend Bloom

Product Description

Kashi Bloom is a specialized blend of Bokashi designed to enhance flowering by intelligently releasing nutrients through probiotics. The Growing Organic company has specially formulated this recipe to have more phosphorus than the original recipe, Kashi Blend.
It's inoculated with bio-char and Rootwise Bio Phosfor for increased diversity and phosphorus solubility.
Kashi Bloom is made from organic rice bran, organic quinoa flour, minerals, multiple species of lactic acid bacteria, molasses and bio char inoculated with pure protein dry and Rootwise Bio Phos. This recipe is made for use during fruiting/flowering.

Heady Tie Dye Bag is 100% Organic Cotton and totally re-usable. The bags are tie dyed supporting 2 awesome business's at the same time and making the packaging an epic keeper after use. 

COMPOST ACCELERATOR: Growing Organic’s Kashi Bloom helps you compost your food scraps, including meat and dairy, faster than standard composting methods. By the end, you can amend your soil with nutrient-rich bokashi compost.

MICROBIAL SOIL BUILDER: Bokashi is full of beneficial bacteria. These bacteria aid in breaking down nutrients in the soil for bigger plants and larger harvests. Simply top dress your garden or indoor plants with this specialty soil additive to start gaining the benefits.

ODOR ELIMINATOR: The microorganisms within bokashi not only help break down food quickly for your compost but can also help eliminate odors such as from your cat’s litter box or chicken coop.

HOW IT WORKS: Bokashi incorporates the principles of inoculated fermentation. The inputs used to make bokashi have loads of enzymes and antioxidants that the beneficial bacteria thrive off of. Thus, leaving a product packed full of beneficial microorganisms ready to break down nutrients. Whether you use it in the soil, compost food waste, or reduce pet waste odors.

Storage & Warnings:
If you want to use bokashi to brew teas, it is
 highly recommend you do not brew the tea for more than 12 hours for maximum microbe diversity.

Store in a cool & dark place at room temperature, 68ºF to 86ºF (20ºC-30ºC) and out of direct sunlight.

How to Use:

As a top dress: For each square foot of growing space, add a third of a cup of Kashi Bloom every two weeks or when you top dress other dry amendments.
As a soil additive when building soil: Use 1% by volume of Kashi Bloom for soil building.

For Bokashi Composting: Sprinkle 1-2 tablespoons of bokashi atop your food waste in a bokashi composting set up every couple of inches of food waste that is accumulated.

Compost Piles: 10-15lbs per yard of compost.

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