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AC Infinity Bypass Shears 8"

AC Infinity Bypass Shears 8"

  • A bypass shear designed to cleanly cut thicker stems and branches for quicker recovery and growth.
  • Drop-forged steel blade that stays razor-sharp through extended use, crafted with precision-ground edges.
  • Non-stick Teflon coating repels plant residue off the blades to reduce resin build-up and jamming.
  • Improves comfort and reduces hand fatigue using spring-loaded handles with an ergonomic rubber grip.
  • Built-in safety lock keeps the shear closed to protect your hands from injury and preserve the blades.



A garden pruning snip designed to cleanly cut plants and prime them for quicker recovery and regrowth. Each pruning shear uses a spring-action system that automatically pushes the handles open and primes the blade for further cutting. This, along with the ergonomic design, works to increase comfort in your hands and relieve hand fatigue; ideal for users with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. The drop-forged bypass blade is crafted with stainless steel, using a Teflon coating to reduce resin build-up and jamming. A sliding lock mechanism securely keeps the pruning shears closed, which provides protection for the blade and your hands. Additionally, the side switch toggles how wide the blade opens to increase cut capacity to 5/8 inches.



The bypass pruning shear is crafted for use with thicker, denser branches and stems to trim larger plants. Best used for trimming flower bushes, shrubs, bonsai trees, hedges, or other plants. Its curved blade allows you to make precision cuts without damaging plant tissue and will stay sharp. Use it in any grow setting like outdoor gardens, hydroponics builds, grow tents, and greenhouses.

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