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AC Infinity Duct Splitter 6”

AC Infinity Duct Splitter 6”

  • A duct connector designed to help cool and ventilate multiple spaces by redistributing airflow.
  • Y-shaped splitter maximizes the use of only one inline fan by branching your ductwork into two paths.
  • Smooth, rounded bending frees airflow to minimize wind resistance by reducing friction and turbulence.
  • Solid steel body with a powder coat finish that can resist corrosion and withstand high temperatures.
  • Fits 6” Duct Openings | Raised Lip for Greater Grip | Length: 13.54" | Finish: Powder Coat



An air duct splitter designed to distribute airflow to multiple spaces for cooling and ventilation applications. The y-shaped duct connector allows you to use only one inline duct fan to provide airflow to two rooms. Its softly bent metal pipe joints and smooth interior surface provide low wind resistance resulting from friction and turbulence. This facilitates a free-flowing air current that saves you from unneeded fan speed increases and higher energy costs. Each duct port is built with raised lips for a greater grip on duct tubes when sealed with aluminum tape or clamps. A solid steel body construction rounds out the build, capable of resisting corrosion and withstanding high temperatures in HVAC settings.



This HVAC duct fitting branches ductwork into two paths to split supply of, return, or exhaust air in two rooms or other kinds of spaces. Select models can be used as a vent adapter to fit different sized ducting and inline fans together. Pair these components with 2 in 1 grow tents, or two separate grow tents, to simultaneously ventilate both chambers as an intake system. Other applications include whole house cooling, dryer vents, dust collectors, and other HVAC settings as an exhaust pipe splitter.

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