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Advanced Nutrients Big Mike’s OG Tea Organics 1L

Advanced Nutrients Big Mike’s OG Tea Organics 1L


Put nature’s wisdom to work in your garden with OG Organics™ BigMike’s OG Tea™. This OMRI and CDFA-OIM certified organic input material is chock-full of crop-boosting materials, including alfalfa meal, fish protein hydrolysate, earthworm castings, and rock phosphate. It’s the ideal product for bridging the gap between mineral and organic, supporting grows that could use a helping hand from nature’s innate intelligence.

  • Fractionated alfalfa meal creates optimal conditions for photosynthesis
  • Gradual release of nutrients ensures stable availability
  • Can help improve the taste and aroma of your flowers
  • Alfalfa meal and fish protein hydrolysate provide multivitamins to support plant processes
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