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Build A Soil Raw Bio Char 2 Gallon

Build A Soil Raw Bio Char 2 Gallon


Enhance your soil's performance with our premium-grade Bio Char, a revolutionary product designed to improve soil health, water retention, and plant growth. 

Raw Bio Char is perfect for experienced gardeners looking to customize their soil amendments. This untreated version offers maximum flexibility, allowing you to charge it with your preferred nutrient-rich additives or microbial inoculations.

Raw Bio Char gives your plants the very best! Rediscover the power of enriched soil today with BuildASoil's Bio Char products.

Note: Bio Char is safe to use with all types of plants and in all types of soils, but it's always a good idea to conduct a soil test before incorporating new amendments. Also, google terra preta and the history of bio char it's fascinating! Excellent for No-Till.

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