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Fermented Plant Extracts: Willow Extract 1/2 Gallon

Fermented Plant Extracts: Willow Extract 1/2 Gallon


Seasonal Fermented Plant Extract of Willow

Features & Benefits:

  • Powered by Lactobacillus bacteria, nature's decomposers, breaking down organic compounds for efficient absorption.
  • Derived from pristine Mountain Water, Willow, Molasses, Sorghum Syrup and local goat whey lactic acid bacteria, harmonized with EM-1.
  • Made specifically from nutrient-packed willow branches beneficial for all growth phases, particularly the rooting stage.
  • Enriched with salicylic acid, willow branches are an old time gardening secret
  • Balances and maintains PH levels for better stability in gardens.


Water, Lactic Acid Bacteria from local goat whey, Molasses, Sorghum Syrup, Plant Matter (Willow Branches), EM1


  • For plant cuttings: Soak the base of your cuttings in the willow water for several hours before planting them.
  • For already potted plants: Water them with the willow water solution to encourage root growth.
  • As a growth boost: Occasionally water your plants with willow water as it not only promotes rooting but also can give plants a growth boost due to the presence of beneficial compounds.

Benefits of Willow Water:

  • Willow water is a natural alternative to commercial rooting hormones.
  • It contains salicylic acid, which can help protect plants from diseases.
  • The solution encourages root growth and can boost the overall health of the plant.


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