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BuildASoil Neem and Karanja Mixed 50/50  2.5lbs

BuildASoil Neem and Karanja Mixed 50/50 2.5lbs


Neem and Karanja?

Slow Release Nitrogen, Aerates, Nourishes, Promotes Plant Growth & Resistance, Improves Soil Quality. Excellent for Vegan Organic Gardening.

Build A Soil orders pallets of Neem Cake and Karanja Cake. The Karanja Cake is beautiful, and has a very mild odor compared to Neem Cake. Almost identical in properties to the Neem cake, this Karanja Cake is one of thier best products. Thank You to Terviva and their amazing Certified Organic Karanja Products.

Useful Info

Karanja Cake is the residue obtained from Karanja seed kernels which have been crushed to extract the oil. Rich in N-P-K, it is an excellent organic fertilizer. Karanja cake has been known to enrich the soil and protect the plant. Earthworm populations have been known to increase where neem cake has been applied.

How To Use

Use full strength or mixed with other organic (kelp, seaweed, manure, etc.)

Apply before (the area can be prepared up to a week or 10 days before planting) or during planting or for established plants around root zone. Use mixed into the soil 6-8 inches or as basal dressing.


How To Mix into your Container Soil:

1/2 Cup per cubic foot will be plenty (Cubic foot is about 7.5 gallons of soil)

1 cup weighs approx. 6.5 ounces.

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