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Clover Cover Crop Blend - 12 Seed BuildASoil Mix 60% Clover 3lb Bag

Clover Cover Crop Blend - 12 Seed BuildASoil Mix 60% Clover 3lb Bag


12 Species Of Cover Crop Seeds - Non GMO - All Natural


This Recipe has been tweaked over the years and is finally where we like it. Perfect for Raised beds or Container plants.

Almost 60% Clover Seed from 4 types of clover. 

Designed To Encourage Mycorrhizal Fungi Populations

Small seeds work excellent in containers.

Made In The U.S.A.


Useful Info

Stimulate Soil Biological Activity

Cycle Nutrients More Effectively

Create a No-Till Living Organic Soil utilizing all Natural Non-GMO cover crop seeds.


  • Flax - Carter
  • Clover - Yellow Sweet 
  • Clover - White Dutch
  • Clover - Medium Red
  • Clover - Crimson
  • Lentils - Indianhead
  • Millet - White Proso
  • Vetch - Hairy
  • Vetch - Common
  • Cowpeas - Red Ripper
  • Buckwheat - Mancan
  • Pea - Forage


How To Use

Weight and Application Info:

Use about 6 Grams or 1/2 Tablespoon of Cover Crop Seeds for every square foot of soil surface area.

A 5 Gallon Home Depot bucket is 13" in Diameter and just under 1 Square foot.


So if you have 5-10 Gallon containers a 3lb Bag will work for about 150 Individual Containers. 

If you are broadcasting on open land each pound will cover about 900 Square Feet. 

That means that a 2 pound bag would also cover over 55 (8'x4') Raised Beds.

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