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BuildASoil Horticultural Coconut


100% Pure Freeze Dried Coconut Water Powder For Your Garden! Now Even More Soluble.


No Fillers or starches, just pure all natural freeze dried young coconut water powder.


Organically grown Coconut Water Powder. 


NOTICE: ONLY MAKE WHAT YOU CAN USE THAT DAY. There aren't any preservatives and the best use is only for immediate consumption. Storage Instructions: Store in a cool dry place and make sure no moisture can enter the bag for longer shelf life.


How To Use

1 Tablespoon weighs 12 grams

1/2 lb of coconut water powder equals roughly 19 TBSP

Follow directions and don't be scared to taste test

Coconut Water Powder - Raw Freeze Dried Organic 1/2 Bag

SKU: 0200000106164
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