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Fish sh!t 500ml

Fish sh!t 500ml

  • Fish Sh!t has ZERO NPK – it will not burn your plants and can be used in unison with any fertilizing regimen or nutrient line
  • Fish Sh!t creates a microbiome which drastically increases the beneficial bacteria in ANY medium
  • Fish Sh!t jump starts dormancy in plants. If you have a plant that has “stalled” reenergize it by adding Fish Sh!t
  • Fish Sh!t increases the plant’s ability to uptake essential minerals and nutrients needed during the growing process by acting as a bio-availability catalyst
  • Fish Sh!t promotes variegation by allowing the plant to utilize energy sources more easily, preventing plants from “reverting” by making the variegated parts of the plant photosynthesize more efficiently
  • Fish Sh!t increases overall growth and leaf production
  • Fish Sh!t helps prevent root rot and vastly increases root growth
  • Fish Sh!t can be used on even the most sensitive and picky plants
  • Can be used with any Reverse Osmosis System or water type without complication
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