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AC Infinity Magnifier Loupe

AC Infinity Magnifier Loupe

  • Eye loupe designed to reveal greater amounts of detail and improve clarity for inspecting small objects.
  • Durable, lightweight build made up of a plastic housing and an aluminum case to withstand wear and tear.
  • Includes primary 30x22mm 30x, and supplementary 60x12mm 60x zoom lenses for dual-level magnification.
  • Two-way switch turns on ultra-bright LED lighting for each lens to enhance clearness of small details.
  • Magnifier neatly folds into the aluminum swivel case and fits in pockets and other small compartments.



A magnifying glass designed to optically improve your vision of fine details of small objects to aid in your inspection. Each jeweler’s loupe features a primary 30x and a supplementary 60x zoom lens to provide two levels of magnification and cover many applications. A two-way light switch turns on ultra-bright LED lighting for each lens to enhance clarity of smaller details. These lenses are encased in a plastic housing, shielded by an aluminum case that protects the glass loupe from wear and tear use. The swivel case folds into the eye loupe at a 360° angle to compact the magnifying glass, which can fit in pockets and other small compartments.



Use the loupe magnifier to enlarge finer details of small objects in a wide range of applications. Uses beyond inspecting jewelry include observing stamps, watches, semiconductors, coins, model figures, and other hobby objects. You may also use the loupe magnifier to inspect your plants for healthy growth and determining whether you can begin your harvest.

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