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Simply Professional Clone Formula

Simply Professional Clone Formula


nlock the power of nature with Simply Professional Clone Formula containing the finest aloe vera, and willow bark powder natural sources of plant growth hormones, salicylic acid, enzymes, Amino Acids and micronutrients. Clone Formula is inoculated with concentrated mycorrhizae and fortified with seaweed, fulvic and amino acids and carbohydrates that feed the beneficial fungi as it colonizes the root zone.

This Propagation Kit contains (3) 4 gram packets of powdered Clone Formula, mixing jar, scalpel and instruction card illustrating proper cloning technique. Each packet of Clone Formula is enough to treat up to 50 clones and may be mixed as a clone gel or used in aeroponic clone machines.


Directions for Use:

Clone Gel

Mix at a rate of 4 grams per 1 ounce of water

Fill the included jar  half way with 1 ounce of water

Add the contents of a clone formula packet (4 grams)

Place the top on the jar and shake vigorously

Let stand for a few minutes while the clone gel thickens


Aeroponic Clone Machine

Mix at a rate of 2 grams per 1 gallon of reservoir water

Add the contents of a clone formula packet (4 grams) into 2 gallons of water


Contains Endomycorrhiza  114,00 prop/lb

Glomus intraradices 28,500 prop/lb

Glomus mossae 28,500 prop/lb

Glomus aggregatum 28,500 prop/lb

Glomus etunicatum 28,500 prop/lb

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