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Tiresias Mist 4oz

Tiresias Mist 4oz


Tiresias Mist is the most reliable, safe and effective alternative for producing feminized seeds. One bottle is all it takes to provide enough solution to one branch that will produce female pollen. Transfer that pollen to the flowers of a dioecious plant and it will produce 100% feminized seeds. No more guessing!

Tiresias Mist is made of natural minerals and is non-toxic, non-allergenic and will not cause harm to humans, plants or pets. However, the stem being treated should not be consumed (it will be covered with pollen sacs). Most importantly, have fun, get crazy and be excited to start your own experiments. You now have the ability and the freedom to produce your own female seeds and save your favorite strains!

Whether you’re an amateur or a pro grower, Tiresias Mist makes it simple for anyone to create their own feminized seeds. A 1oz bottle will treat one branch of a plant to produce feminized seeds on the same plant, or to produce genetically female crosses with other plants. Treating one branch enables that one branch to create male characteristics (pollen sacs) through which the pollen can be used to pollinate the flowers of the rest of the plant and produce feminized seeds.

 Choose a plant that has not started flowering and is at least 2 weeks in the vegetative cycle (about 5” height). Spray one entire branch (not foliage), 3-4 times a day for 14-21 days. Before the pollen sacs open, cut off the branch, place it in a glass of water and wait for development to finish. At the same time, continue growing the plant until female flowers are showing. When ready, carefully dust your female flowers with pollen. Continue growing until feminized seeds mature.

By using Tiresias Mist, you not only gain all female seeds, but you also no longer have to wait weeks for deliveries and it allows you to create your own strain. Additionally, a tap root from a seed will produce higher yields and you can store seeds for future use and crop timing. It’s easier to transport seeds as opposed to seedlings or clones.

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