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#1 BuildASoil Worm Castings


BuildASoil worm castings are simply the best castings and often find living worms still inside the bulk totes.This stuff is black and rich with moist well screened castings. Enjoy!

Always fresh castings and not last years left overs.

How To Use

Compost Tea: 2.38% by Volume. This is just under 2 Cups of Worm Castings per 5 gallons of water. (Note See our article on brewing compost tea)

Soil Building: We Recommend 15-20% Worm Castings in your potting soil recipe for Vegetables or any heavy feeding annual flowering plant.

Top Dress: Use Liberally as a top dress anytime throughout the plants life. Top Dress 1"- 2" inches to make a nice layer.

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